Job description

At Interapt we transform clients and empower humans with technology. Interapt is a world-class technology services company that attracts and develops the best talent while providing opportunity to those traditionally excluded from technology. We are building a thriving, inclusive technology ecosystem in middle-America that invests in people and communities. Our organizational commitment to social responsibility is not an afterthought, it is embedded in our services and everything we do.

Interapt Skills is currently looking for technical instructors to train up adults in software engineering. We have many different development tracks including iOS (Swift), Android (Java/Kotlin), Spring (Java/SQL), Full-stack Web (MERN), and more on the way. Instructors will be teaching 4 to 6 month long programs with up to 25 students.


  • Be familiar and approachable to the students in your class 
  • Guide and assist the TAs reporting to you 
  • Suggest edits and improvements to the curricula or structure of the program 
  • Conduct or help to conduct quizzes, exams and capstone projects 
  • Find ways to assist students in need 
  • Keep on track with instruction materials 
  • Be kind and patient when explaining concepts to student 


  • Expertise in at least one major language and frameworks (Swift and Java prefered)

  • Equivalent of 3 years experience and study in the specified instructional track

  • Passion for teaching and mentoring developers

  • A strong belief that students learn best through guided, hands-on experience

  • Expertise in at least one major language and frameworks (Java or JavaScript preferred)
  • The successful applicant must have a strong professional presence 
  • Experience building and maintaining apps using mobile application development technologies (Java or JavaScript preferred) 
  • Strong understanding of development best practices (TDD, version control, design patterns, performance), logic, math principles (algebra), CS principles (algorithms and data structures)